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Latest news about ShibataFenderTeam, orders and deliveries


Turkish “Galataport”, the world’s first underground cruise terminal, equipped with ShibataFenderTeam fender solutions

17 SPC Cone Fender Systems with close box panels featuring customized white UHMW-PE pads are now part of the historic city's photogenic landscape

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ShibataFenderTeam supplies company’s largest-ever Ocean Guard Fenders to Jawa Satu FSRU in Indonesia

Measuring ø4000x6900 mm, the four mammoth fenders ensure permanent and safe offshore mooring of the FSRU under harsh conditions.


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Large refurbishment project in New Jersey, USA, equipped with 15 ShibataFenderTeam Cone Fenders and Bollards

The new multipurpose terminal promises a prosperous future for the area as it provides access to over 40% of the US population within a single day’s truck drive

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ShibataFenderTeam supplies 11 Double Cone Fender Systems for Dundee Port expansion project, UK

The new quay provides safe berthing for diverse operations securing the port's future in the offshore renewable energy and the oil and gas industry

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ShibataFenderTeam Leads the Way in Transparent Carbon Footprint Assessment

The leading fender manufacturer is the first in the industry to be in the position to provide product specific figures on CO2 emissions for each order of engineered fender systems

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New McInnis Cement terminal in the Bronx, NY, equipped with ShibataFenderTeam solutions

A customized solution consisting of three different fender systems – Cone Fenders, Cell Fenders and Donut Fenders - that posed multiple design challenges for our in-house team of engineers

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Modernization project at Puerto Coquimbo, Chile, equipped with 11 ShibataFenderTeam Cone Fenders

The solution, custom designed to be aligned precisely with each project phase, will provide safe berthing for the larger vessels expected at this newly constructed quay

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Harnessing SFT fender system’s safety potential to support offshore wind power supply

The set of 26 fender systems of various types and sizes was installed on a modern monopile gripper for offshore wind farms construction 

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ShibataFenderTeam delivers 174 tons of UHMW-PE sliding plates to protect new power lines in Baltimore, US

The Project next to the Francis Key Bridge involved the design and manufacturing of nearly 400 customized UHMW-PE plates

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ShibataFenderTeam supplies more than 80 fender systems for new Lekki Port in Nigeria

The optimized design solution allows the new port to offer safe berthing to the world’s largest container ships with more efficient fenders and savings for the client

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Exploring the North Atlantic Ocean – From Denmark to Iceland along ShibataFenderTeam installations

Come aboard this journey to visit some of the North Atlantic jewels. Get comfortable, we provided the fender systems for safe berthing at every destination along the route

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ShibataFenderTeam is Bronze Sponsor of Australasian Coast and Ports Conference 2023

We look forward to meeting you at booth #5 at the upcoming edition of the annual conference that will gather all stakeholders of the Australasian maritime industry in Queensland, Australia

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Skandinavienkai Terminal in Germany equipped with ShibataFenderTeam systems to accommodate next ferry generation

10 FE Element Systems and 7 Arch Fenders protect the new pier 5, the largest terminal at the port of Lübeck, to ensure smooth operation at the ferry terminal

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New dry dock at the Port of Djibouti equipped with ShibataFenderTeam Wheel Fenders

These eight Wheel Fenders were manufactured at our facility in Rechlin, Germany,  and the progress was regularly inspected by an independent 3rd party

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ShibataFenderTeam, a proven track record with the world's largest sea lock in IJmuiden

New gateway to Amsterdam and long-term project, SFT has equipped IJmuiden since construction works began in 2016 with more than 600 fenders

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ShibataFenderTeam supplies 43 Cone Fender Systems for the expansion of Freeport in Texas, USA

A spacer system, customized to compensate for the deviation of one of the berthing lines, will facilitate safe berthing of larger ships at the renewed facility

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Historic Pont des Trous, Belgium, protected by more than 300 fenders supplied by ShibataFenderTeam

Placed along a guide wall of 260 meters of length, the V Fenders and Cone Fender Systems will shield the bridge from the possible impact of 3000 t vessels passing by  

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Rønne port expansion, Denmark, equipped with 19 ShibataFenderTeam Element Fender Systems

The solution provided is custom designed to safely accommodate berthing of both, general cargo and cruise vessels 

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ShibataFenderTeam supplies multiple fender systems for new Tibar Bay Port in Timor-Leste

About 100 fender units will guarantee safe berthing of larger vessels at this important infrastructure project

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ShibataFenderTeam delivered fender solution for the rehabilitation of the iconic Dutch levee ‘Afsluitdijk’

Six large V Fenders with pre-fitted UHMW-PE pads will protect the entrance of the newly constructed lock in case of adverse weather conditions

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