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Latest news about ShibataFenderTeam, orders and deliveries


Historic Pont des Trous, Belgium, protected by more than 300 fenders supplied by ShibataFenderTeam

Placed along a guide wall of 260 meters of length, the V Fenders and Cone Fender Systems will shield the bridge from the possible impact of 3000 t vessels passing by  

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Rønne port expansion, Denmark, equipped with 19 ShibataFenderTeam Element Fender Systems

The solution provided is custom designed to safely accommodate berthing of both, general cargo and cruise vessels 

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ShibataFenderTeam supplies multiple fender systems for new Tibar Bay Port in Timor-Leste

About 100 fender units will guarantee safe berthing of larger vessels at this important infrastructure project

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ShibataFenderTeam delivered fender solution for the rehabilitation of the iconic Dutch levee ‘Afsluitdijk’

Six large V Fenders with pre-fitted UHMW-PE pads will protect the entrance of the newly constructed lock in case of adverse weather conditions

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Central Romana Corporation partners again with ShibataFenderTeam to equip vital port in Dominican Republic

11 CSS Cell Fenders will provide a safe berthing environment at La Romana for larger ships that the growing cruise tourism brings to the country

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High profile project to refurbish Port El Bluff, Nicaragua, with ShibataFenderTeam Cone Fender Systems

In-house manufactured in Malaysia, the customer visited the production facility to witness their fenders during performance testing 

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Happy New Year 2023!

We at the ShibataFenderTeam Group would like to thank you for a successful cooperation. 

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Wilhelmshaven, first LNG Terminal in Germany, equipped with ShibataFenderTeam Fender Systems

Three sets of Quadruple Cone Fender Systems will guarantee the safe operation of this strategic site which has a capacity to handle about 8.5% of Germany’s gas demand per year 

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First stainless-steel fender panel system installed in the United States by ShibataFenderTeam

Project deployed at Pearl Harbor, HI, included a camel mooring structure with 8 SPC Cone Fender Systems that will be permanently submerged in the salty waters of the Pacific Ocean  

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ShibataFenderTeam delivered fender solutions for Cruise Terminal in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, France

V Fenders, Pneumatic Fenders and Bollards allow the port to service the largest cruise companies as a highlight in their itinerary through the St Lawrence seaway 

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ShibataFenderTeam signs its second consecutive contract with Sociedad Portuaria Mardique in Colombia

14 SPC Cone Fenders and 16 T-Head Bollards were delivered for the new maritime terminal in Cartagena, Colombia

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Strategic port in Cape Verde refurbished with ShibataFenderTeam Cone Fender and V Fender Systems

The solution ensures smooth operations, providing sufficient clearance between the new Ro-Ro platform and the fender systems at the Port of Maio

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The famous PEKING, a new flagship museum vessel in Hamburg, protected by ShibataFenderTeam Donut Fenders

The historic vessel is permanently and tide-independently moored, using a customized fender solution made in Germany

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ShibataFenderTeam partnered with Straatman to equip a new jetty at Brittanniadok in Zeebrugge, Belgium

Staghorn Bollards and Capstans ensure safety and efficiency of the operations to accommodate larger RoRo vessels

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New berth expansion at Le Havre Port in France equipped with ShibataFenderTeam Special Element Fender Systems

They feature a special PE fixing mechanism to enable replacement of the PE from the front

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Largest Mediterranean marina refurbished with special non-marking fenders from ShibataFenderTeam

The delivery included about 200 grey non-marking fenders to facilitate berthing of yachts at the luxury marina

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Refurbished berthing dolphins for Shellburn in Vancouver equipped with ShibataFenderTeam Cone Fender Systems

Delivery included customized spacers to bridge the gap between the berthing line and the refurbished dolphins


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ShibataFenderTeam partnered with Skanska in Sweden to protect the Hisingsbron Bridge with customized fender solution

In total, we provided 104 SPC Cone Fender Systems and UHMW-PE Sliding Plates for the guide wall and 36 SPC Cone Fender Systems for the dolphins.

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ShibataFenderTeam supplied 34 Cell Fender Systems for Contecon Terminal in Guayaquil, Ecuador

The systems were specifically designed with steel spacers to provide sufficient clearance between the vessels and the submerged combi wall


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ExxonMobil jetty in Norway refurbished with 25 modern SFT fender systems 

Outdated and damaged cylindrical fenders replaced with safe berthing equipment

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