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Development of production capabilities at ShibataFenderTeam

Rechlin is a small town close to the holiday region Mecklenburg Lake District. What is produced in town, however, is not small at all. Rechlin is SFT’s European production location of Steel Panels and Foam Fenders. From there, the products are exported all over the world to do their part to protect port infrastructure, ships, and all personnel working onboard and ashore.

The production location was founded in 1993 by Mr. Harry Weiss and Mr. Tomas Crawaack and since 20 years successfully led by his son, Mr. Michael Weiss. The plant grew from a small manufacturing building to five buildings with an indoor production area of 2400 sqm. Building number 5, just recently put into operation in May 2018, is especially dedicated to stock keeping and management, enabling quick turnaround times, especially for urgent emergency repairs.

Foam Fenders
During the last years we saw an increased demand for high quality Foam Fenders, such as Ocean Guard Fenders or Donut Fenders.
Foam Fenders are mainly used for navy berths and cruise terminals where they convince with high energy absorption, hull conforming capabilities, non-marking skin and low maintenance. The largest Donut Fenders which were produced in Rechlin so far have the impressive dimensions of 3300 mm diameter and 4500 mm length. They were installed at Nesserlander Schleuse, a lock in Germany.
A fully controlled production facility and forward looking stock keeping recently allowed us to manufacture 6 Ocean Guard Fenders (Ø3000 x L 4900 mm) in just 2 weeks for a project in Saudi Arabia.

Steel Panels 
A dedicated team of employees is in charge of manufacturing Steel Panels which are an absolute necessity for rubber fender systems, such as Cone or Cell Fender systems. Under the supervision of International Welding Engineers, Steel Panels with dimensions of up to 11 m x 3,05 m are manufactured in Rechlin. A Steel Panel of this size weighs over 29 t and is part of the probably largest Parallel Motion Fender system in the world, which was installed at the Port of Dunkirk in France in 2017.

Since 2013, the Steel and HD-PE production facility of SFT had been fully owned by SFT Group. In 2018, ShibataFenderTeam AG have merged the daughter company into the legal entity of the AG. Together with our long-standing colleagues and their valuable experience, the production plant will continue its strong performance.

The aim of the merger was to reduce the complexity within the SFT Group and to offer a higher flexibility for our clients. Streamlining the organization prepares us for future challenges, and during the last years, we set the course for important future developments; one of them being the opening of our new rubber compound mixing facility in Malaysia.

To fulfill the demands of tomorrow, we must keep moving, just like ships keep moving through our clients' ports.



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