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Innovative fender solutions for Cruise Terminal Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp in Belgium is a growing destination for both sea and river cruises. In order to accommodate more and larger vessels, there was a need for more capacities, defined by De Vlaamse Waterweg & AG Vespa i.o.v. Stad Antwerpen.

The Scheldekaai (the quay in Antwerp along the river Scheldt) is a suitable location for cruise ships to berth, however it is a historical quay wall not suitable for today’s vessels. Therefore, three large mooring pontoons of each 120 m length were installed in front of the historic quay wall by tubular piles which were driven into the bottom of the river Scheldt. The mooring construction is designed to accommodate vessels up to 38,000 t (Consultans: Ney & Partners & SBE-Technum).

ShibataFenderTeam’s Dutch office together with our Belgian Agent CGK Group successfully handled this order and supported the contractor THV Artes Roegiers - Victor Buyck Steel Construction with manufacturing and delivery of the fender systems. In total, 21 sets of SPC 1400 Cone Fender Systems (including steel panels of 2,800 x 2,800mm) were installed on the floating pontoon while 2 SPC 1400 and 4 SPC 1000 Cone Fender Systems were installed as shock absorber between pontoon and piling. Additionally, various virgin grade UHMW-PE Sliding Blocks and 21 sets T Head Bollards (80t capacity) were installed on the floating pontoons.

Innovative solutions were adapted to realize a design that is capable to withstand these high mooring loads and a tidal water level range of more than five meters.

The project contained various demanding testing and quality requirements which were all accomplished by SFT. All steelwork and welding was done in accordance with EXC3 (Execution Class 3) as per EN1090 including 3rd party NDE and material testing. 3rd party material testing was also done on all castings as well a painting inspection testing.

The ShibataFenderTeam experts once more showed that their experience within the industry and their innovative approaches are a class of its own. (#4000)

📷 See more pictures about SFT Fenders for the Cruise Terminal in Antwerp on our website in the reference section.

Have you ever wondered how it looks like to launch a 120m pontoon to a river? The below video shows an impressive time lapse during the installation:

The video is a courtesy of AG VESPA “© AG VESPA – Jasper Léonard”.


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