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Quonset Pier 1 in Davisville, RI, USA equipped with SFT Element Fender Pile Systems


Located in the northeast of the US, Rhode Island is the smallest state of the country with a size of approximately 1214 square miles (3144 km2). The Port of Davisville at the Quonset Business Park is a home to almost 200 companies and is one of the top ten auto importers in North America. In 2011, the Quonset Development Corporation started a refurbishment project at the ro-ro pier which is mainly for the car imports. The project included an upgrade from timber/rubber tire fenders to a more advanced fender solution.  

The design of the fender system is unique as on the one hand, the available concrete space to install the fenders was limited and on the other hand, increasing the mounting space was not an option. Therefore, the general design concept follows that of pile/pivot fender systems, but with some unique features. The piles and the fender panel are connected thru a loose pin connection that allows the piles and panel move independently from each other, increasing the flexibility of the system and allow a more economical design.   

The interaction between the piles and panel was an interesting challenge we overcame with the excellent cooperation between SFT and the designer, as both were working hand-in-hand to come to a workable and efficient solution. In June 2012, we completed the installation of 18 sets of FE Element Fender Pile Systems with a steel panel design measuring 1250 mm x 2000 mm.   

SFT Americas has just inspected the fenders 10 years after installation, as we are currently delivering more than 60 sets of Cone Fender Systems for the adjacent terminal. The Element Fenders are still in good condition and this project is another example of the SFT approach to a holistic fender design with high quality components, leading to long service life of the entire system. SFT fenders get the job done, not matter how remote the location is, or how unique the application is. Were other systems start to fail, SFT systems are just get going. (#0054) 

See more pictures about SFT Element Fenders for The Port of Davisville in our reference section.


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