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SFT Cylindrical Buoys delivered to Mildred Lake in Canada

ShibataFenderTeam has successfully delivered 158 nos. Cylindrical Buoys to the Syncrude Tailings Dam, located at the Northern end of Mildred Lake in Alberta, Canada. The Buoys have a diameter of 1500mm and different lengths between 750 and 1750mm.

Due to the low temperatures in Alberta during winter months, the lake usually freezes over which could cause problem for the operations on the lake. Therefore, deicing bubblers were installed in the lake and these bubbler are supported by SFT buoys keeping the bubbler afloat at a certain water depth.

Measured by the volume of the construction material, Syncrude Tailings dam is the largest embankment/artificial dam in the world. The lake is constructed and maintained as part of ongoing operations in extracting oil from the Athabasca oil sands.

SFT Buoys are unsinkable, have low maintenance and withstand the toughest marine applications and environments, which is why they were chosen for this project.

More information about our buoys 

More pictures about the Cylindrical Buoys at Mildred Lake can be found in our reference section


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