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SFT Online Technical Seminars

Even during tough times like with the current Corona Pandemic, the ShibataFenderTeam Group is on your side and fully available to support you and your projects.

Our technical seminars, which are well-received and known in the maritime industry, now enter another level. In times of social distancing and home office, technical seminars with the ShibataFenderTeam experts are still possible.

Customize your seminar

If you are interested in updating your knowledge in fender design, manufacturing, product range or to learn more about fender testing, please request your customized technical seminar. Just fill in the form below, choose your individual topics to create your own customized SFT Online Technical Seminar. Our fender expert will be happy to give you an online seminar, tailor-made for your specific needs.

The seminars would be held via MS-Teams and your entire team could join - no matter where they currently work. Our fender experts focus on your chosen topics and they are also available for individual Q&A sessions.

If already known, let us know your preferred date or time frame for the seminar. We recommend a duration of 30 - 90 min. A second session or an individual follow-up is always possible. 

As soon as we have received your request, we will get back to you for scheduling. Of course the seminars are free of charge and come along with attendance certificates.

Participants' Opinions

“Well-structured presentation useful for professionals in the maritime industry. Excellent introduction for entry-level engineers and a good refresher for more experienced professionals.”

Alfredo (Senior Consultant, Maritime Division, Engineering Company, USA)

“Thank you for your excellent presentation yesterday. It was very clear, the concepts were very well explained and it was also interesting and accessible to my colleagues who are generally not involved in marine work.”

Eimear (Chartered Engineer, Consulting Engineering Company, Europe)

“We had an excellent presentation that highlighted key decision-making points to consider for the design of new or replacement fendering system. It was a very valuable technical presentation for our staff, and I would recommend it for others. I think having some time to discuss some different scenarios with Dominique at the end that we’ve encountered in the past and to get some feedback/opinions on these scenarios was a highlight for our group.”

Stephen (Structural Engineer, Engineering Consultant Company, Canada)

“It was great to ‘meet’ you at lunchtime and thank you for a very interesting presentation. I especially liked the explanation with the energy distribution curve and the overlapping fender energy curves; it was the best explanation I have heard for how the performance factors influence fender selection. The section on panel design and hull pressures was also very interesting.”

Ned (Chartered Senior Maritime Engineer, UK)

"We recommend the seminar because it was very useful to understand the concepts and some problems that perhaps not all of us knew, it was all very clear. A very positive point was the possibility of choosing which topics we would like to hear. Thank you very much Eduardo for the quality of the presentation, the good disposition and technical handling of concepts to clarify doubts."

Cristóbal (Project Leader, Engineering Company, South America)

“Thanks a lot for all the kind support from ShibataFenderTeam. The presentation material was very informative, useful and I believe it's easy to understand by the attendants. We would be very happy to recommend your seminar for another party whenever we have an opportunity and would forward all the technical information to all the attendants. We are looking forward to cooperating with ShibataFenderTeam for other opportunities.”

Maria (Marine-Civil Engineer, Engineering Company, Asia)

Request your seminar

(Seminars are available in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.)

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Select your topics

(Time indications per topic are approximate and depend on your knowledge level. Duration can be adjusted to your individual requirements.)

Each seminar includes an individual Q&A session with your fender expert (approx. 30 min).

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Your data will be used for the purpose of dealing with your enquiry and for marketing purposes. Your data will not be passed on to third parties and will only be handled internally at ShibataFenderTeam by authorized persons. We take the protection of your personal data very serious.

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