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ShibataFenderTeam Group Begins Construction of New Factory in Valencia, Spain

The new factory, located just 25 minutes from the Port of Valencia, is set to double the company's production capacity. The fourth in the company’s portfolio, the new facility will be primarily dedicated to the production of foam fenders; it will also have a building for molding HD-PE (high-density polyethylene) and a third one for steel works.

The project represents a significant investment by ShibataFenderTeam, with a total expenditure of 7mEUR allocated to the construction of the factory, its equipment, and the acquisition of the 10,000 square meter plot of land. This purchase was made possible thanks to the public-private partnership offered by Invest in Valencia (public investment promotion agency) and the real estate company Inmoking.

The choice of Valencia as the location for the new factory takes advantage of the strategic benefits offered by the city's port, along with its excellent local infrastructure and highly qualified workforce. The new facility is expected to create 30 new jobs in the region.

The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by the company's shareholders, as well as high representatives of local and regional authorities, including the Mayor of Sollana, Mr. Vicente José Codoñer Senón, the Regional Secretary of Industry, Trade and Consumer Affairs, Mr. Felipe Javier Carrasco Torres, and the General Director of Entrepreneurship and Internationalization, Ms. Ester Olivas Cáceres.

The large team from the entire SFT Spanish office, along with stakeholders closely related to the project, completed the audience who watched as the symbolic urn containing elements representing the company's values and global reach was buried.

To mark this important occasion and the importance of the new factory, Domique Polte – Board Member of the SFT Group – addressed the attendees stating “The construction of a new manufacturing facility represents a significant milestone that reflects both the company's economic growth and its confidence in the region's industrial potential. The plant's location in Valencia, near such an important port, provides greater flexibility and better service for our clients.”

“We are delighted with this development in the region, as it not only facilitates our growth but also enhances our ability to contribute significantly to the overall success of the Group. ShibataFenderTeam stands out from its competitors due to its strong focus on in-house manufacturing of all major components, ensuring the highest quality and reliability. This new factory further reinforces our commitment to these values. “


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