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ShibataFenderTeam is a member of PIANC Working Group “Guidelines for the Design of Fender Systems”

Since 2002 PIANCs “Guidelines for the Design of Fender Systems” have been a well-established reference for the entire marine industry. The new MarCom Working Group (WG) 211, consisting of members of the industry, including leading fender manufacturers, puts its focus on needed updates of the guidelines to meet latest requirements set by stakeholders, and to ensure an approach to fender testing and design that leaves no room for interpretation. ShibataFenderTeam fully supports the goals of the new WG and is proud to be a member and contributor to the group, continuing the long term cooperation between PIANC and the SFT Group.

The update is based on, e.g. changes in vessel designs and hull pressure requirements, advances in design methods of fender systems, and important research of fender manufacturers. The engineering around fender design has been described as “part science – part art”. ShibataFenderTeam has ever since been emphasizing a holistic approach to fender design and will convey this approach to the WG accordingly.

Dominique Polte, Board Member at ShibataFenderTeam AG, explains: “A fender system consists of more than just the rubber unit: steel panels, hardware, and the overall engineering in combination with the substructure are equally important to ensure a high quality and durable system. With our proven track record and engineering excellence, we look forward to share our expertise with the WG members to shift the focus to all key elements of a fender system, which can only perform as good as its design. “

Ingredients of rubber fender units, and their impact on quality and durability is undoubtedly important, and a much discussed topic within the industry. With our own research on rubber fender compounding, we wish to advocate for more transparency in order to ensure quality standards that are driven by international norms as a firm and reliable basis. “Unambiguous fender test protocols and independent verification of correction factors and final test results is of utmost importance for stakeholders”, comments Dominique Polte. Fenders are meant to create a safe port environment, while protecting infrastructure and all personnel working there. ShibataFenderTeam actively supports the combined focus of all parties to ensure that the new guidelines offer increased transparency on test procedures and verification for clients.

ShibataFenderTeam looks forward to the fruitful exchange with all WG members and trusts that the outcome will reflect changed needs of the industry, further enhance fender design guidelines to always ensure port safety. PIANC as an independent body is the driving force, ensuring that its Working Groups act in line with the industry’s common goal: providing safe work environments and efficient operational conditions in ports and harbors.

Visit to get more information on the update of PIANC’s 2002 guidelines.


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