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ShibataFenderTeam supplied Cone Fender Systems for the new Patimban Port in Indonesia

Located near industrial centers in West Java, the Port of Patimban is expected to become one of Indonesia's largest ports. It will also serve as a fallback port to support the high utilization of the port of Tanjung Priok in the capital Jakarta. Jakarta is one of the most important locations for Japanese industrial companies, especially automobile manufacturers.  

The new Patimban port is divided into two terminals - a 35-hectare container terminal and a 25-hectare automotive terminal. The operator intends to commission the automotive terminal in November in 2021, while the container terminal is expected to be operational within the next three years. The project was designed and constructed by a consortium of Penta Ocean, TOA, Rinkai, PP and WIKA. 

 In early 2019, our SFT office in Malaysia received an order for 31 sets of SPC 1000 Cone Fender Systems for the car terminal and 22 sets of SPC 1300 Cone Fender Systems for the container terminal. The order also included 26 pieces of bollards with a capacity of 100 tons and rubber ladders. All fender systems for the car terminal were installed in 2020.  

We are pleased to be involved in the great development of the Port of Partimban and look forward to the commissioning of the container terminal in the next years. (#0227)  



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