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ShibataFenderTeam supplies more than 350 fender systems for the new Capurro fishing terminal, Uruguay

Nestled on the northern shores of Montevideo Bay, the Port of Montevideo stands as a vital artery in Uruguay's economy and as a major player in South American maritime trade. The port has experienced rapid and consistent growth, with the development of Terminal Capurro, a commercial fishing terminal, being the most recent addition. This terminal - with capacity for 50 fishing vessels - will support operations for the national and foreign fishing fleets that use the Port of Montevideo as a base of operations and for the transshipment of high-value cargo.

The contractor has commissioned ShibataFenderTeam to equip the 1000-meter-long new quay with maritime fenders. Our coordinated teams – sales, engineering, production, and logistics – have designed and delivered customized solutions, encompassing 236 Extruded Fenders (DD 200x200x1000 mm) and 125 V Fenders (SX-P 1000X3000 mm), also known as Arch Fenders. Additionally, the project scope also included 125 T-Head bollards with a capacity of 50 tons.

The fender sizes have been specially optimized to suit the diverse fishing vessels calling at the port, ranging from 41 to 115 meters in length. Another challenge came with the production of a large quantity of the pieces within a limited timeframe. Through the well-coordinated efforts of our teams, we successfully managed to meet the demand without compromising on the quality, effectiveness, and safety.

At ShibataFenderTeam, we take pride on our capacity to execute diverse projects of all types, from safely accommodating the large cargo vessels to managing an entire fishing fleet. The development of the Capurro fishing terminal perfectly exemplifies our design approach and flexibility (#1050).

📷 More pictures of the fender solutions delivered to Capurro Port's Fishing Terminal


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