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ShibataFenderTeam supports important lock project at Nesserlander Schleuse

The 129 year old Nesserlander Schleuse is a lock located in Emden, Northern Germany. The lock is very important for the area because barges and recreational vessels use it to enter the port of Emden. During the time of the reconstruction all ships had to go through a different lock which is usually only used by bigger ships.
The reconstruction work started in 2006 by a joint venture of several companies. In order to ensure a safe entry for vessels to the lock, Donut Fenders were chosen. Donut Fenders are self-adjusting to changing water levels, the installation costs are low and they are generally maintenance free. With a size of 3300 mm diameter and 4500 mm length these Donut Fenders are the largest that were produced in our production facility in Rechlin, Germany yet. Inside the lock chamber Komposite Fenders protect the vessels during the operation. Their combined energy absorption with low friction is indispensable for vessel safety in locks.

After the reconstruction the lock has a length of 170 meter, it is 18 meter wide and the depth is minus 7 under the sea level. Emden Port can now finally use its main transport artery again.
ShibataFenderTeam is proud to enable the safe operation of this year’s water sports season in the area.

The following video shows the first vessel passing the Nesserlander Schleuse after 11 years of reconstruction works.

More pictures of the important lock project at Nesserlander Schleuse you can found in our reference section


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