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Technical seminar roadshow throughout the US

As one of the world's leading fender specialists, we consider it our responsibility to do our part for the industry by sharing our know-how with engineers and end users alike.
Building on the successful Technical Seminars in Asia in 2017, we continued our commitment to the fender industry with a 10 days roadshow throughout the East, West and Gulf Coast of the United States.

Starting mid-March Dominique Polte, President of SFT’s US office and Chris Millwood, Engineer at our Malaysian office and Representative of SFT, started the roadshow in New York City.


We created a technical presentation focusing on conveying a comprehensive picture of the design of fender systems.

For project specifications it seems to be common practice in the industry to put a very detailed and extensive focus on the rubber compound and more or less ignore the requirements of the steel panel and overall design. This has created a one sided view on fender systems, where the greatest challenge lies in understanding the steel panels, chains and corresponding anchorage. The presentation covered, amongst others, berthing energy calculation, safety factor, rated performance data (RPD), load cases and panel design, provided worked examples and closed with information on fender testing.

The unanimously positive feedback we've received from the numerous participants, mostly engineers with experience in the marine construction, was clear: most of them were never given such an extensive presentation covering all aspects of fender design and going into detail of engineering, which proves the value of our approach. The common realization was, what looks fine on a drawing, might not work in the field, like inverted cone fenders.

After 10 exhaustive but very valuable days the roadshow came to an end in California.

ShibataFenderTeam once more proved how important it is, to train engineers in Designing and Testing of Fender Systems. We will continue to organize these seminars worldwide.

Please contact us, if your company would like to receive our training as well.


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