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Buoys & Barriers Brochure.


The new ShibataFenderTeam Buoys & Barriers Brochure provides a detailed overview of the performance data and various features, as well as a typical buoy design. SFT has been manufacturing foam fenders and buoys for many years at its own production facility in Rechlin, Germany, making it an experienced manufacturer of foam products with extensive knowledge of the product. In general, the construction of floating buoys consists of four different components: 1) A fabricated steel core, 2) a rigid closed cell urethane foam core, 3) a resilient outer foam shell and 4) a reinforced elastomeric skin. Since foam buoys and barriers are highly customized, the brochure includes a questionnaire asking for the details of the buoy requirements which helps our engineers to design an optimal solution for your individual application.


Download our Buoys and Barriers Brochure now!




What to expect from the SFT Buoys & Barriers Brochure

  • Performance data and information about construction and design features for different buoy types
  • Examples of proven applications and drawings of a typical buoy and barrier layout
  • A questionnaire for buoy selection

Further information:

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Buoys & Barriers Brochure.
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