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Fender Design and Fender Types.

Fender Design and Fender Types

The ShibataFenderTeam Group is a leading international fender manufacturers with 60+ years of group experience in fender production, +130,000 marine fenders in service, and 100+ years of experience in the production of rubber products. Learn more about ShibataFenderTeam Group, our industry commitment and partnership with PIANC or get to know our team.

Holistic approach to fender system design

The road from designing the compound for a rubber fender with the desired properties to a mixing and manufacturing procedure that adheres to the highest quality standards is a complex one. It appertains to a holistic approach that a fender system is treated as one, starting from source materials over design to the manufacturing process. Only when all components are designed in the correct balance and work together properly, the fender system will perform as expected. When fender systems fail or do not work properly due to low quality or incorrect designs, then there is a cost to the port in terms of repair, downtime, or even accidents which should not be underestimated. In order to avoid increased maintenance and replacement cost or additional losses for downtime, a holistic approach to fender system design should be advocated throughout the marine industry. The entire project-specific process from calculations and design to creating and producing high-quality, durable fenders, fully committing to international standards and norms, and a clear sense of responsibility should be key to all manufacturers.

Fender Design

Being a crucial component of the system, the rubber unit’s raw material, compounding and the mixing process is a very pivotal and sensitive part of rubber manufacturing. The first part of the SFT White Paper Series on fender manufacturing focuses on the raw materials used in rubber production, the physical properties of a fender and their correlation with the compound’s composition and can be downloaded in several languages.

Calculating the berthing energy of vessels is the first and most important step in the fender design process. If something goes wrong here, the entire waterfront design could be at risk. ShibataFenderTeam’s Berthing Energy Calculation Tool support clients during the berthing energy calculation process.

Fender Types

Many different fender types and sizes are available on the market. Choosing the suitable fender type and size should only be done together with an experienced fender manufacturer. The list of suitable fender units based on the calculated energy is long, but typically there are only a few types and combinations that would work properly for your specific project.

Marine rubber fenders and fender systems are available in different types, sizes, for different vessels and quay structures, like for example Cone Fenders, Cell Fenders or Cylindrical Fenders. For other marine rubber fender types visit our extensive product section.

Foam Fenders are suitable for various applications with the focus on projects with high variations in water levels and for cruise terminals: Ocean Guard Fenders, Ocean Cushion Fenders, Donut Fenders and maritime buoys.

Other rubber fender solutions are: Pneumatic Fenders, Corner Fenders, Rolling Fenders, Extruded Fenders, Komposite Fenders, Tug Boat Fenders. ShibataFenderTeam also offers Special Solutions, PE Sliding Plates and Fenders as well as Accessories and Fixings.

Bollards provide safe and secure mooring even at full working load and come in various shapes and capacities.


Online Technical Seminars

Learn more about the selection of fender types, fender performance or panel design in our customized online seminar sessions. A broad range of six topics is available, you choose the topics according to your needs. These seminars are done just for you/your team - no matter where they currently work. Use the unique chance to speak with a fender expert and get all open questions answered. Seminars are free of charge and available in several languages. Request your seminar today.


Fender Design and Engineering

Users and engineers should be made aware of the fact that “what looks good in a drawing, might not work in the field”. Since the rubber units are mostly standardized in the industry, the main engineering and design challenge is with the steel panels, chains and the corresponding anchorage. Simple issues like incorrect chain angles or the positioning of the rubber unit on the steel panel and substructure leads to premature failure of the fender system as a whole. If a rubber fender system does not perform as required, safety in marine operation and efficiency for marine terminals cannot be ensured.

For the ShibataFenderTeam Group, the approach to achieving a high-quality fender system has emerged through a long history of experience with the materials and the processes involved.

All steps of fender design go hand in hand and influence each other. This fact emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to fender system design in the industry and an experienced manufacturer to ensure reliable, safe and efficient operations for ports.  


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