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Carbon reduction initiatives.



By using the 'holistic approach to fender system design', the SFT Group and our experienced team of engineer design fender systems with an extended life cycle and a lower rate of early refurbishments. This is what we call a 'green design' approach, showing the durability and reliability of our solutions, leading to a more sustainable maritime industry.

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The highest impact of our carbon reduction initiatives, is with the components of a fender system and their manufacturing method. The SFT Group offers various alternatives to regular components which offer the same high quality but ensure a lower carbon footprint.

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Shipment and transport of our fender systems and components - from place of manufacturing to place of installation - goes a sustainable and resource-efficient way. The SFT Group works with carriers and shipping companies which operate on green fuels to decarbonize ocean logistics and to support our clients to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Maintenance is an underestimated but valuable sustainable factor. Well maintained fenders will increase operational lifetime, reduce potential accidents and result in a lower CO2 value attributable per year - all adding to the SFT Group's goal to avoid wasting resources. In addition, refurbishment of fenders is part of our sustainable services.

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