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Sustainability in the fender industry.


Sustainability in the fender industry

With over 60 years of experience, the SFT Group has established itself as the globally trusted company in the maritime industry. At ShibataFenderTeam, our aim is to deliver the best fender systems for a safety critical environment that protect people, vessels, and port infrastructure.

This fundamental idea guides our actions and decisions across all levels of our business. It serves as the compass that steers our strategic direction, ensuring that we continue to strive for our commitment to safety and protection in the maritime world.

Sustainability is a paramount concern in the maritime industry. As a true partner, we have always been dedicated to making a profound impact on the industry while supporting a better and greener tomorrow.

For us, this commitment means aligning our company goals with a responsibility to our people, the environment and responsible business behavior.

A sustainable approach.

Our Japanese parent company, Shibata Industrial, holds the ISO 14001 certificate, revealing our dedication to maintaining an effective environmental management system. This certification ensures that we adhere to stringent environmental standards throughout our operations, including the responsible sourcing of raw materials.

The world currently faces critical challenges that have far-reaching implications for the planet and society. In the maritime industry, we particularly recognize the impact of a growing population and the increasing consumption of natural resources.

The surge in cargo and maritime passenger traffic is a tangible manifestation of these global challenges in our industry. With more ports, vessels, and operations, the need for safety solutions to protect this traffic becomes even more crucial, posing significant challenges for the maritime industry.

Addressing these challenges requires collective effort from the community and its stakeholders. At ShibataFenderTeam, we believe that it is our role and responsibility to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through our business and activities.

The ShibataFenderTeam Group, as the global market leader of fender solutions, is proud to protect.

To that end, we have focused on three strategic priorities: carbon reduction initiatives, corporate responsibility and people. By tackling carbon emissions, prioritizing the well-being of our people and upholding responsible business practices, we actively work towards addressing the pressing challenges facing the maritime industry.

Additionally, the SFT Group is the first in the industry to be in the position to provide product specific figures on CO2 emissions for each order of engineered fender systems upon request – with our new Carbon Footprint Assessment.

In conclusion, ShibataFenderTeam is committed to protect people, vessels, and infrastructure for a sustainable future. With a strong emphasis on safety and sustainability, we strive to make a positive impact on the maritime industry and contribute to  a better, greener planet for generations to come.


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